Yoga School of South County
What is well-being

Well-Being is:

  Day Before: At least 8 hours of sleep, balanced food and drink
  Before Focus: Hydrate, eliminate, and cleanse (no food).
  Practice: A yogic practice involves the use of various asanas (body configurations) as a medium for self-study .  Over time, the mind, as it is freed of clutter, will intuitively recognize dysfunctional habits.  The mind /body will then replace them with ancient yogic habits. This continuous refinement of the mind /body condition via adhering to the universal precepts, i.e good (ABCD)
, prepares oneself for meditation and walking....essential life activities for health and well-being.
  Meditate: As the mind-body is (ABCD)
, the undesirable habits that have prevented the mind from being "at peace" lessen and lessen.  Therefore to quiet the "monkeys of the mind" - to go to that still place, that place of peace... of " wise silence"... that will guide you and tell you the right thing to do, good habits must be cultivated!!...then you will hear this voice. Meditation is the active intention toward this end.  An active practice prepares the mind /body for this essential activity.
  Walk: The second essential activity for well-being is walking. We walk approximately 4 - 6,000 steps per day, and a series of compensatory musculo-skeletal-neural patterns(habits) evolve from the physical and mental activities one pursues.  Through self-study, an awareness of the dysfunctional steps results. Every step has the potential to be perfectly executed. (ABCD)
Walking/Yoga Objective: Replace undesirable body patterns/steps with one's original natural movement....and select an intention to walk between 3,000 and 9,000 steps/day
Employing the yogic principles of :  Alignment, Breath, Connections, and Deportment in Rapport with each other (ABCD)
, while engaging the primordial Bandhas with Ujjayi breath and Drishti - BUD
  Daily Practice:
Recommended Sunday through Friday, minus new and full moons. Your choice...
30 minute practice 5 minute meditation 3,000 step walk
60 minute practice 10 minute meditation 6,000 step walk
90 minute practice 15 minute meditation 9,000 step walk

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