Yoga School of South County

Our teacher training program runs concurrent with regularly scheduled classes


I: Techniques

Asanas:  Students will learn YSSC school figures to gently awaken the body and will then learn 20 to 40 asanas progressively, using the Ashtanga primary series as a guide.

Pranayama: will be part of the students’ daily practice with a focus on  Ujjayi and Nadi Sodhana

Kriyas: Various fasts; the use of the Neti; Nauli.

Chants: Om, Vande Gurunam, and Loka Samasta.

Meditation:  Striving for physical and mental stillness.

II. Teaching Methodology

The student will demonstrate at least 20 basic asanas. Proper alignment will be stressed. Students will be expected to physically perform the postures and comprehend the proper deportment of the body.The ability to recognize misalignments and compensating structures within the structure of asanas wil be learned. Focusing on gentle and skillfully guided corrections, timing of assists and the repetitive nature of assists.  The instruction will focus on a holistic practice incorporating asanas, pranayama, and meditation.  Our teaching styles follow acceptance and understanding of the universal nature of yoga. Qualified representatives from the major styles of yoga will demonstrate and inform the student teacher.  Other important factors are: the qualities of a teacher, the students’ process of learning and also the students curve of learning.  Students will visit classes of different yoga styles and complete assigned reading /homework.

III. Anatomy and Physiology  

Conventional medicine as taught by a medical doctor.  Physical anatomy and physiology.  Focus:  The foot/ its 26 bones, arches, and biomechanics; learn the yogic way of walking.   Lungs and diaphragm; Body systems; Subtle anatomy and physiology: Bandhas (mula, uddiyana, and jalandhara); the chakras.

IV. Philosophy Ethics  

Focus:  Yoga sutras.  Students will be prepared to discuss assigned topic and /or a topic chosen by the teacher.

An in depth study of five translations of the sutras/assignment: interpret choice of four sutras(in writing).

V. Practicum  

From a daily practice students will develop a working knowledge of two vinyasas, taught with precision and detail.  All observations and awareness of yogic principles (ABCD)

will be made known within the context of these routines.  Students will initially practice on their fellow students and will assist the teacher in introductory classes as their skills and competencies allow.